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"The adaptable & adjustable lifting dolly systems"

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Master-Cart, the leading paired dolly system of choice, helps you move heavy and difficult items with relative ease. By design, Master-Cart is adaptable to easily move items of various sizes and weight, including hard to handle oversized items. Master-Cart's revolutionary design (patent pending) offers a compact, lightweight alternative to the excessively heavy and expensive options available on the market today.

When considering total cost, safety and ergonomic benefits, Master-Cart is the clear choice for your dolly needs.


Four Standard models:



Strap System


1,500 lb.

Ratcheting strap


1,500 lb.

Integrated ratchet recoil system


3000 lb.

Ratcheting strap with winch         DISCONTINUED


1000 lb.

Ratcheting straps DISCONTINUED

MFM-1300 1,300 lb Separate strap
MFM-4000 4,000 lb Ratcheting strap
MFM-2to12 up to 12,000 lb Separate strap

Four steps to improved handling:

  1. Insert dolly under item at each end

   2. Secure straps into place

   3. Raise item off the floor with jacks

   4. Away you go!

MFM-1300 and MFM-4000

Transport furniture, crates, and machinery easily. Simply slide nose plate under item to be moved, strap both dollies together, and lift. Available in either a manual mechanical hand crank lift option or a manual hand pump hydraulic lift option. Standard with (4) 5" swivel poly-on-steel casters and straps. Steel construction with durable paint finish. Priced and sold in pairs.  MFM-4000 Straps measure 190" with removable handles



Models MFM-2 thru 12-RAL

These machinery lifts are the ideal method to move bulky and hard to handle loads.  Move large, awkward objects or heavy equipment that is difficult to maneuver or position like refrigerators, safes, furniture, or machines.  Yet they are versatile enough to safely handle fragile, sensitive equipment like glass, and computers.  Optional side straps secure loads for stable moving.  Large wheels allow smooth movement over bumps and cracks of factory floors.  Forks are adjustable with mounting pegs to allow for positioning of forks to accommodate different width loads.








Model #MC2

Now only $1295.00!

New Furniture - Vending Machine, Crate & Machinery Movers

Model #MFM-4000

Only $645.00



Model #MFM-1300

Only $475.00

Models MFM-2 thru 12-RAL


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