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        Hand Trucks
        Dollies and carts
        Platform Lifts
        Lift Tables
        Pallet Jacks
        Floor Locks
        Ball Transfers

   GD-40S/F Series
                    110 lb Capacity!

  GD-60S Series
                    550 lb Capacity!

   GD/GDN-80 Series
                   1100 lb Capacity!

   GD-100 Series
                   1650 lb Capacity!

   GD-120 Series
                    2200 lb Capacity!

   GD-150 Series
                   3300 lb Capacity!

Small orders always accepted ! 

Leveling Casters (All prices are subject to change)

Call for the new Low price of $59.29ea.

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 bullet   REMARKS
      The steel inserted frame is die cast with aluminum alloy to maintain dynamic and thrust power.   The top plate is die forged and machined precisely and the engineering plastic of mold casting nylon wheel having a superior mechanical properties are fabricated to support heavy loads.   The easy level adjustment is made by taking the thrust bearing to minimize the friction loads of pressing.

      Test, medical, optical, clean room equipments; Frame of light weight computers, Control panels, Semiconductor equipments, Switchboards, F.M.S. line, etc.
Load per Piece 2,200
Net Weight 4.9lbs ea.
Temperature Range -14 ~ 250oF

bullet   MATERIALS
No Parts Materials Remarks
1* Top Plate        1045 Zn galvanized   
2* Ball 1045 Ni-Cr. galvanized
3 Frame SC114A Ivory powder
4 Ball 1045 Ni-Cr. galvanized
5* M-20 Leveler A312  
6 Pad Aluminum Black
7* Pin 1045 Zn galvanized
8 Wheel MC Nylon Sky Blue
In case of requiring of ANTI-CORROSION, parts of "*" are issued with stainless steel or special surface treatment by order

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